This section focuses on the documentation of Team 10, its members and the meetings.

Introduction: a brief historical overview of Team 10, plus a possible theoretical framing of the group's achievements; the essay is the introduction to the book 'Team 10 - in search of a Utopia of the present' edited by Max Risselada and Dirk van den Heuvel.

Members: although Team 10 didn't have any form of regular membership, the Members-section lists the people commonly associated with Team 10, divided into three groups: the inner circle, participants and incidental participants and guests; biographies pay special attention to each individual's relationship with Team 10.

Meetings: a list of all Team 10 meetings and the participants, including the post-war CIAM congresses and meetings relevant to Team 10, with a short introductory essay of each of the meetings.

Projects: documentation of some of the key projects of Team 10 members that played an important role in the meetings and discussions.

Text: a selection of key texts by Team 10 members.

Dictionary: a dictionary of Team 10 key-words (not yet active).

Bibliography: a selected chronological bibliography with publications by and about Team 10 in general and especially its core members Jaap Bakema, Georges Candilis, Giancarlo De Carlo, Aldo van Eyck, Alison and Peter Smithson and Shadrach Woods.

Links: a list of links to websites of/about Team 10 members, Team 10 research and topics related to the Team 10 discourse.