Who's Who in Team 10

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In 1974 Team 10 gathered in Aldo van Eycks garden in Loenen aan de Vecht.
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Team 10 didn't have any form of regular membership, and over the years the composition of the group changed continuously. Van Eyck would say there were only participants, not members. Still, looking at the group's history it is possible to recognize a core of people who were the most active, combatant and outspoken. They can be called the 'inner circle' of Team 10, and they involve Shadrach Woods, Alison and Peter Smithson, Aldo van Eyck, Giancarlo De Carlo, Georges Candilis and Jaap Bakema. They would organize the meetings, define the themes to be discussed, or initiate publications on Team 10. Apart from De Carlo they were involved in Team 10 right from its very beginning, and they would maintain close contacts during the 1970s, also after the dissolution of Team 10, even well into the 1990s.

Around this inner circle there is a cloud of numerous other participants. Some of these participants would consider themselves ‘real’ Team 10 members, yet others might be surprised to find themselves on the list which we present here. We split this group of participants into two circles. Even though we acknowledge this split is to some degree arbitrary, we do think it is justifiable to differentiate in levels of involvement in the Team 10 discourse. The first group of participants consists of people who were involved over a longer period of time, or made an important contribution; the second, larger group of incidental participants and invited guests consists of people who were only briefly involved, sometimes they would have attended only one meeting. We should mention, too, that we left out many other people present at the meetings; they would be office employees, or students joining an occasional meeting, or family members such as the wives and children of Team 10 participants.
This list of Team 10 members, or participants, may be read parallel to the list of meetings, which maps the changing composition of the group.

The gathered data are based on a comparative study of source material. Given that documentation of the various Team 10 meetings is far from complete and unequivocal, a certain amount of prudence has been called for in the presentation of this list.

The most important Team 10 documents consulted while compiling the data are kept in the Bakema archive and the Smithsons archive at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) in Rotterdam; and in the De Carlo archive at the University of Venice (IUAV). John Voelcker’s archive, maintained by his family, provided additional information on the early years. Extra data on activities in the 1970s came largely from the archive of Manfred Schiedhelm. Owing to the dissolution of Candilis-Josic-Woods and the premature death of Shadrach Woods, the firm’s files have been dispersed and, even more unfortunately, have partly disappeared. The Woods archive, previously maintained by Val Woods, has found a permanent home at Columbia University. To date, however, no material on Team 10 meetings organized by Candilis-Josic-Woods has been discovered; commentary on these meetings is based on articles published in magazines (such as Le Carré Bleu) and on relevant photographs culled from other archives. An exception is the meeting in Royaumont; transcriptions of tape recordings made at this meeting are at the NAi.

Generally speaking, we reconstructed the data with the use of photos, letters, invitations, and such. Other material consisted of lists of those invited (often inconsistent), published presentations, and diverse articles published after meetings had taken place. We are also grateful for the use of material from previous studies of CIAM and Team 10 carried out by a number of colleagues; deserving of special mention are Jos Bosman, Eric Mumford, Annie Pedret and Francis Strauven.
The biographies are based on texts by Dirk van den Heuvel, Veronique Patteeuw, Tom Avermaete, Catherine Blain, Jos Bosman and Cor Wagenaar.

the inner circle


Incidental participants and guests