Guillermo Jullian de la Fuente

Guillermo Jullian de la Fuente was born in Valparaíso, Chili in 1931. He was trained as an architect at the School of Architecture at the Catholic University of Valparaíso.
After travelling through Europe he started working in the office of Le Corbusier from 1959 onward, where he became chef de bureau. He was the project architect for the Carpenter Center at Harvard University, and for the hospital in Venice. The latter project played an important role in the Team 10 discourse. Jullian de la Fuente has often explained that the scheme was inspired by the Berlin Free University of Candilis-Josic-Woods, and the design of ‘Noah’s Ark’ by Piet Blom. Piet Blom’s design was brought to Team 10’s attention by Van Eyck at the Royaumont meeting, where Jullian de la Fuente was also present as a representative of Le Corbusier. When Le Corbusier died in 1965, Jullian de la Fuente was commissioned to complete the Venice building, but the project was eventually abandoned by the city government.

Jullian de la Fuente never became a frequent visitor of the Team 10 meetings, but he did maintain contacts with many of the Team 10 circle on a personal basis.
After Le Corbusier’s death Jullian de la Fuente held his own practice and realized a fair and congress complex in Valencia (1969), and the French Embassy in Rabat (1978-84). In the mid-1980s Jullian de la Fuente moved to the United States where he started a new office with Ann Pendleton from 1987 onward. He taught at numerous universities among others Harvard, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania.
Guillermo Jullian de la Fuente lives and works in Santiago.