Exchange and inventories

To enhance further research into post-war Modern Architecture in general, and Team 10 in particular this section contains the following items.

Under archives we have listed the main archives and collections concerning Team 10 and Modern Architecture. The current list is certainly not exhaustive, and will be extended in the near future.

Under studies and papers are included past seminars, conferences and paper presentations. Currently one can consult the papers presented at three events organized at the Delft University:
'Team 10 - Keeping the Language of Modern Architecture Alive' (5-6 January 2006);
'Team 10 - between Modernity and the Everyday' (5-6 June 2003) and 'CIAM Team 10;
' The English Context' (5 November 2001).

Under events one finds upcoming research events.

Our web pages are open for contributions by other scholars and institutes as long as these are related to the legacy of Team 10. If you want to have your research, conferences or events listed, please contact Dirk van den Heuvel at TU Delft.